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  • If you have decided to pack yourself you need to think ahead and reduce the stress for your moving day. Packing takes longer than you may think so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

    Packing supplies – Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, self seal bags, marker pen. For the best protection, use double-walled boxes. Make sure you have enough supplies. It’s better to buy extra just incase.

    Have a clear out – Clear out your unwanted items.

    Plenty of time – Give yourself plenty of time. For a large house, start packing 2 months prior to your move.

    Priority list – Pack the items you don’t need first.

    Pack one room at a time – This will help you to stay organised

    Label boxes – Write on boxes clearly for each room you require them in your new home. For large houses it helps if you mark all bedroom doors and boxes with 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. This stops the removal staff asking which bedroom the boxes go in every 5 minutes :). Also, mark all boxes with breakable items as ‘Fragile’ or use Fragile marked tape.

    Wrap breakables – Use wrapping paper on all fragile items. Place glasses with the widest part down. Stack plates on their sides rather than piling them on top of one another. Fill any gaps in the box with screwed up wrapping paper.

    Pack accordingly – Put heavy items such as books in smaller boxes and light items in larger boxes. This will help yourself and the removal staff getting injured or the box not holding the weight.

    Important documents – Pack documents such as birth certificates, driving licence etc separately. Keep these safe and transport them in your car.

    Hazardous materials – Pack items such as paint, bleach, cleaning products separately. Please note we and most removal company’s do not transport these items due to insurance reasons.

    Essentials – Pack yourself a box full of essentials such as food, utensils, pans, tea, coffee, cups, first aid kit, toiletries. Put this box to one side for the removal staff to pack last so it’s the first box off the vehicle into your new home. 

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