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  • Downsizing Property

  • Downsizing Property

    Downsizing property can be a stressful experience having lived for a substantial part of your life in a larger property. The children  are no longer children, and now more than likely have homes and babies of their own. Where do you start with the sorting, clearing out and organisation of the things you do need to move into your new smaller property?

    Using a professional and reliable service like DW Removals of Derby can certainly help. Our advice and expertise offer guidance and support when tackling the difficult task of downsizing.

    Here are some top tips that can help and assist. 

    *  Start with areas of the home that are used least often like the loft, garage and garden. We often hoard items in these areas so it can take longer than you think to sort out. Give away any items that can be donated or reused. Consider whether you actually still need these items. Do you still need the slide and swing set?!

    And as much as your grown up children might moan they really need to take their school books to their house now! We can help with packing and transporting items to different locations. 

    * Consider the space and storage available in your new home. Do you need to sort out and donate the clothes you no longer wear so you actually have room in your new wardrobes? Worried about space? We have a variety of storage options available if you need that extra room. 

    * How will you pack your items? DW Removals of Derby can provide packing services or materials such as boxes, wrap and tape to help you organise everything you need. Save time by labeling your boxes by room. 

    * Do you have delicate or precious items? We will take the upmost care with your goods and can even offer an expert packing service to ensure your goods are protected during transportation.

    * DW Removals of Derby offer a full removal service that can take care of every stage of your move. A caring and committed team will ensure that your move is as smooth as can be. 

    Treasure the memories of your old happy home. Use us to help you transition into your new home where new memories can begin.

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