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    You have just found a lovely new home and a buyer for your house. Now it’s time to start organising the moving process and look for a removal company.

    Unfortunately in every trade there are cowboys so you need to be careful. After all, you need a removal company you can trust to look after your possessions and sentimental items. Our tips below will help you find a removal company and help your move go smoothly.

    Finding a reputable Removal Company

    You may not know someone that can give a reputable company by word of mouth so you may need to do some research. Most reputable companies have a detailed website full of information. However, don’t be fooled into thinking if they have a website they are reputable. Take care to look at the finer details. Do they have pictures of their vehicles? Are they sign written? Can you see the company registered address? All these details are relevant to confirm they are legit.


    It is always advisable to read reviews from previous customers on any product or service before using them. Any reputable removal company will have reviews from previous customers online. Most reviews will be on their website, but ensure you search other portals such as social media, or their Google business page.  

    What service do you need?

    Moving home is more time consuming than you may think. You may not have time to pack yourself, or to dismantle that large wardrobe and assemble it back up when you are in your new home. Most removal companies offer a full or part packing service and a dismantle and assembly service. If you are undecided, ask for a quotation with and without these services to give you an idea of the cost involved.

    How big is your move?

    All moves are different in size, whether it is a student moving a few items to a large family. You will need to know the removal company you choose have the vehicles and staff you need. Also, some removal companies do offer an hourly Man and Van service for smaller moves to keep costs down.

    The lowest price isn’t always the best option

    Moving home can be costly so taking the cheapest quotation can be very tempting. If the quotation sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Whichever removal company you choose, always ask for a breakdown of the quotation and if there are any hidden fees. Does the quotation include VAT, extra charges on key waiting and insurance?


    The majority of removal companies offer a free home visit. This is a must on large moves or if access is awkward. This will also give you the chance to ask the surveyor any questions and to go through your moving requirements face to face. However, you may lead a busy life and struggle to have a day off work for several home visits. If that is the case some removal companies will give an option of a online survey through Skype.


    Even with a professional removal company accidents can happen, so you need to be sure you have your items insured during the move. Most removal companies offer free insurance in transit up to a certain value, however, ask your removal surveyor what insurance they do offer. Your home content insurance may have you covered but it’s best to check your policy. This article on the Go Compare website gives advice on content insurance when moving home.  

    Peak times

    The busiest days for moving are a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Slots for these days are booked quickly. If you are flexible, a midweek move is a good option. Some removal companies will give a reduced rate in non peak times.

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